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Marvel Month…


and it sould be as the film Made a return with Brian Singer in X-men Days of Future past.

This film is everything that got everything back it should be, The Actors are impressive
The effect are Impressive and that's one word impressive, so if you dont know the story hear the premise,

X-men days of future past was based on the iconic Comic book, It was made into X-men The animated series and of course The most memorable thing about the Comic, it was the front cover that has been spoofed sometimes so the story.


In a distopiant future The X-men are in a Reffuge in China who are Avoiding the Sentianls
So they need one person who can go back in time to stop The Event, So they need Wolverine (Huge Jackman) to go back to the 1970s to find Younger Proffesor X (James Macavoy) to get their help. Meanwhile a Genius named Barnavend Trask (Peter Dinklage)
To Create the sentials to elimate Mutant kind, but in that future Mistyic would kill Him and
Have her genectic code to create unstopable Sentials, so will wolverine stop this Future  
or will the future be catastopic.


I will admit seeing that Trailer it really left me a Big impact and should be in my top 10 Movie trailers, the movie itself is simply a Clean up from the past movies, and boy dose it suceeded, All the actors Really do brilliant jobs and it shows they really wanted this movie to suceeded, Alot of people complaned that Bishop was the person who was sent to the past.
Well the reason is that All the charecters from the past movies where Developt and having Bishop would be bland and the movie would be mess.

i remember when seeing this i loved it how they killed storm  
because that was my favorite momment of this movie, but i love every momment as well,
If i did have a problem that is The Sentinals shouldve said "HALT MUTANT" but it never happend.

Overall X-men DOFP is a brillaint restart for the franchise and i hope they keep it that way.

Marvel month X-men Days of future past
The X-men movie that save the franchise
Marvel Month

Well Marvel Has been very awesome, Marvel has been Playing their trump cards
and succeeded time and time again. now before i begun their is one rule, and that is I will not Put agents of S.H.E.I.L.D except on the Crossover, so Be Hooked on a felling this is



(That their sums up how awesome)

And yeah when the film came out it looked different but the cast is still Their


After the events of Avengers, Loki (TOM HINDELSON), is prisoned because of his actions,
While Thor (Chirs Hemsworth) is busy resorting the peace to the other worlds, meanwhile
Jane (Natalie Portman) is in London while his farther is Stark naked and going insane, when she finds a Red dark matter. Which alerted the signal of the Villain, Malaketh the ad curse (Christopher Eccleston), who wanted to get the matter and use it to create the dark world.
Thoughts: What shocks me that Kenneth didn't return to do the sequel, but it was someone else, and The Production design looks different and i guess they needed to update Asguard.
All the actors do a great Job and all really do well.

The big problem with me their a bit of comedy, don't give wrong their was
Some funny moments in the original, but it was serious, i also liked how it was Filmed in London, with the ITV News crew that was genius.
And yeah i agree with The Blockbuster Buster, that is The main villain, Don't give wrong
I love Christopher Eccleston, Doctor Who, GI Joe, 24 Days later, and he dose a good job in
this movie, and i think they changed the character to be serious, because in the comics he did have some jokey side, well that position was to Loki, And speaking of Loki.

He cracks me up by Comments on thor every time, which is laughable cause
Everyone loves Loki.

Final Verdict:

Thor the Dark world is a enjoyable film and it really makes it worth wild
find the DVD and check it out.

Also this had a crossover Twice on Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D
Marvel Month Thor The Dark World
Lets go to the Dark world.

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