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Hello and welcome to the reivewer's guide where DVD and movies burn,
and i like the star wars prequals.

(Reviewer ducks, guns Grenades and bombs him but survived)

Let me explane so you can see why.
in 1999 George Lucas returns to the series to created a prequal series, this time
focusing on Darth Vader's orign basicly Star wars episode 1 The phantom menace came
out in 1999, i was 10 at the time and i didnt grow up with the orignal trilorgy, i grown up
with Star Trek TNG and the other Trek movies that came out at the time and yeah I did watch the star wars special edition which I like (except for episode 6), when Episode 1 came out i didnt see it at theater because i was 10. i saw it on a copy VHS and i was amazed by it.

I remember the plot and remembered the charecters as well, and i got Star wars toys like the com link sound effect, Hand held Tiger console game, and The Scrapbook that i use to had.

in 2002 Attack of the Clones came out, i didnt see it at theater but all i can remember
was the Jango fett slade 1 toy that i use to had...and that was it.
and then in 2003 Star Wars Clone wars came out the Cartoon series advances the story further
more about the charecters and also about Anakin as well until the seires ended.

and finally in 2005 Revenge of the Sith came out and it was my first Star Wars
Movie i ever seen and it was great tied up all the loose ends and also tie up to episode 4.

Now ill admit that was a Star Trek fan because i had the most impact on my life
and it had a great idea about these faction having peace or War or even a battle.

now if i said if loved the original trilory and hate the prequals, then i would be disapointed,
but i wasnt so for this, i decided to make this list so you can see why.

With that said these are the top 10 Star Wars prequals why they dont bother me.

10: Young Anakin Skywalker: Now why dosnt he bother me, well the Episode 1 claims
that its about how ankain begun his path being darth Vader, and at first i like
this charecter, he was smart, and expect at podracing and also a verry smart person.
"Hell the scrapbook cover dose show the shadow of Darth Vader because it was self aware"
And also...SInce people butcher Jake loyed to death well hear is one scean that made me cry.

Anakin: Will i ever see you again.

See that has OSCAR CLIP all through it, also he was the one who destroyed the trade fedearation Ship and thus he became a hero, and then in the later films he would use that trademark.

So yeah Young Anakin Skywalker dosnt bother me, He's fine no problems needed.

9: Clonetroopers: THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME, and yes their where becomming stromtoopers, but think about it The Stormtroopers in episode 4 did take out some of the rebels, but then the movies went on they cant even take out the main charecters like they had god mode. but the clones their awesome even in the 2003 Clone wars tv series they
use hand signals they think stragticly and they also take down the droids, so yeah they never bother me but the clones WHO HA!

8: The podrace: This IS AWESOME! basicly Wardo wanted eaither Anakin Mom or Anakin
to do this race, so anakin was chosed, and this awesomeness happends the sound of the engines the speed of it and the commentary to back it up, and when i saw this the first
Time i got into it i mean their hasnt been a sport like this before and when i saw it
again again its so incredable that George lucas made a something that lingers in my mind.

7: Anakin Skywalker (episode 2 and 3): Ill admit that Hayden Christain is a good choice
and why he dosnt he bother me, well its him being leading up as  Darth Vader,
People complain that he moning and complaing, well that's what made him great
Its because he wanted to be a Jedi master and he works his dam hardest to try,
In the clone troopers Cartoon series The Jedi council are verry sceptic
about his rage and anger, and then epiosde 3 Hayden Christain Acting went from 5 to 20
seeing him being consumed by the darkside, so yeah Anakin dosnt bother me in any way
Possible "If your not with me your against me"

6: The plot to episode 1: The movie claimed that its about the story of how
Ankain will be Darth vader alot of people complain their polatic talks that killed the movie.
well, Their was a lot of political talk in Star Trek as well i mean think about it,
Star Trek not only have cool and awesome space battles but also political talks about what is going on, because you know GEORGE LUCAS PAYS HOMAGE TO EVERYTHING, so yeah I can remember episode 1 plot easily.

5: The Effects: i do like the orignal trilory and their are no strings that is the special edition,
when the prequals came out, the effects are really cool and also their are places to identify
like corresnt, Outa gunga, naboo, and also give credit to them for making the Droids
also the spaceships as well, as you know CGI has gotten a bit better with time
so yeah the effects dont bother me.

4: The lightsaber fights: The fight in the orignals...was ok but i did made a great
movement of jedi acadamy and also pretend lightsaber battles when your a kid,
but when the prequals came out MY GOD NOW THOSE ARE LIGHTSABER FIGHTS, instead of Tapping, their slashing, hitting, and kicking, flipping and the part that i loved so much Is deflecting  the bast right back at a droid which is my favorite part. hell in episode 2 their alot
of lightsabers and battle again the droid army "The more i think about i should put that in my next list the top 10 battles right up their with the gungan droid battle as well"
So yeah these lightsaber battles kicks ass.

3: Jar Jar Binks: NOW BEFORE YOU GOING TO KILL ME....let me make it one perfecly clear,
I dont hate him, i mean when he appaeared on screen it make me feel like he was a confused outcased alien, and he was who helped the jedi to safety to the gungan home world of Outa gunga  and i know the other 2 gungans as well. Boss nass and the gungan general those two have devopment as well, so why i not annoyed by jar jar, well their was  a clip saying he was clumsy.


even the gungans explaned why he was banished(also in the PS video game), Also people seem to be annoyed by his voice, well simply its a voice i can reconized...ITS JAMICAN! but high pitched which never bothered me and i know people said that's sterotypeing...well their has been sterotypes in Star Trek as well, Klingons are based on Japanese people, Vulcan are based on smart people, Kardasians based on loyalty, and the borg where based on the Technolorgy people.

so i can't really be that mad, hell The gungans hold off the droids and Jar Jar become embassy of the naboo, and hell in episode 2 and 3 he was left off in episode 2 he was their a bit and made a speach to have the clone army to take down plannet gennosis, and in the epiosde 3 which i agree he never got a line as was walking with boss nass with the death of padame.

So yeah i think Lucas really try not to have this charecter on more screen time but more focus on the others, so yeah i can't be mad with Jar Jar he's cool and he the Emabassy to the naboo.

2: The Droids: ROGER!, ROGER! these droids never bother me, hell they are
basilc next bad asses then the clonetroopers, and back to epiosde 1 plot is basicly the Trade federation wanted to invade the other plannets because of econamy and control "Same thing with Star Trek" but also i loved how the jedi takes down the droids so much
which i felt these 2 factions are way better then the stromtroopers, so yeah
The Droids their badass but also shows no fear.

and the number 1 thing the prequals dont bother me is

1: oh who i care i like them, the prequals where part of my childhood and everytime
i watch it i still remember the plots, memorable charecters and its a worthy contination to the series.
Well my time as Reviews is at a end.

(reviewer powers down)

but dont worry ill be back next years where ill be doing honest Reviews
and also the next installment of Marvel month Phase two Bye!
Top 10 Star wars prequals that never bothered me
He takes a look why the star wars prequels never bothered him.
(Reviewer is Watching all the Star wars movies begining with The prequals,
he remembered Episode 1 with the podracing and other stuff he remember has a kid,
episode 2 with Jango Fett and the Clonetroopers and episode 3 with The Anakins turing
to the darkside with darkness, episode 4 EPIC episode 5 Super EPIC and episode 6.....Fallen Flat)

Reviewer: Now that is how you watching Star Wars...In order...
(reviewer then picks up episode 6...and then remembers the bad times with it), oh
how do i remember this one...the one i first saw the one...that i hated....and i dont get why people love it....maybe its time to confess and face my demon alone.

(Title card appears with Star Wars theme song)

Hello and Welcome to the Reviewer's guide where Films and DVD's burn.....
STAR WARS....What can you say about.
George Lucas's space opera that had him based on ideas and also Conversation's
and people loved it so much, they spoofed it or paordy it or even nitpicked or somehting else, whenever you love or hate star wars the matter of the fact is, its still memorable to our hearts content. so Why i'm bringing this up...well to beging with...i was never a star wars fan.

(Guns appear to his face)

Now, Now, Now dont give me wrong, i like Star Wars as well, i love the prequals
The Clone wars Cartoon series and the orignal's as well but in the course of my Life, I was a Trekkie, because i grown up watching TNG, DS9, Voyger, Enterpise, because i had a strong
attachment to that franchise, because the Episode are well written, Memorable charecters,
and being your own Captain of a Starship.

Star Wars has memorable Wepons, aliens, and Vehicals...which did had a
bit of a connection. i mean star wars is a bit silly.

a guy shroded in black with a Bucket on his head obay orders by Evil von evilton. (Darth Sidius)

a giant slug gets respect although you couldve killed him.

Robots that cant translate are brough to missions with no purpose with gold robots with assiantance to help with no real purpose

Princess are brought in a resistance fighters.

BEARS! which throw sticks and stones to the powerful empire.

and a evil disco ball that represents the 1970s blow up plannets to the econmany.

Overall yes i like Star Wars as well i wasn't never disapointed or mad like the othere, but i  was disapointed that in Star Trek Into Darkness where The Klingon's look diffrenlty then TNG version except where it was greedo who shot first.

but yeah i do get the love and i do get the hate
where Nerds and geek together. i am aware that Disney that now their doing the new Star Wars trilorgy and i think their making the right choices, and if we think they suck we make new jokes about them but back to star wars.
it's still one of the best, Launched toys, video games, Clone wars CGI series, and 6 sucessful movies. 5 of them are sucessful but im not talking about them, im talking about the 6th one RETURN OF THE JEDI

and yeah this was the film i started with, its one of those...i hate but people love them,
For this reason ill tell you the top 10 problmens with it, and then next time you get your revenge ill do a The top 10 why the prequals dont bother me, but now ill tell you the good ideas i like about it.

1: I like the idea that Luke had to go back to face Vader again,
because obi wan told him that he was machine more then man, even in episode
3: he decapated his hands and legs.

2: I like how it one big push for the rebeals.

3: and also where Luke found out what was behind the mask of Darth Vader
and which was a Emotional momment.

4: and also still had great charecter deveolment.

so yeah those are the good ideas, so lets begin the main event, these are

10: Bobba Fett was useless: Who would know that this bounty hunter would get
a strong cult charecter following he really was badass, when he was in Episode 5  
He was their and he did something, he followed the Milenium falcon and then he
made a Bad ass entrance on cloud city, and got his reward of Han being in carbonite.
and he did try to kill luke but escape in slade 1, And what big achivement did Bobbat
Fett did in this movie.…

Serlously he did nothing through the entrie movie of episode 6
I felt he was a waisted charecter and yeah he try to attack luke but
He get his ass kicked into the dune sea.

and no i dont read the Star Wars comics even it was indicated if he comes back

Hell in the prequals Jango Fett did do something, he stoped a crook he try to kill
obi wan, hell he killed and jedi. until he was decapitated by mace windu. hear
Bobba was only their and that's it i wish it would had more charecter him, or could've
had him leave the Jabba club  and went onto something or you know could had him in a spin off. The reason i put him Low
On list is, that he still awesome.

9: What was that female women purpose?: The plan by the rebels was
to destroy Death Star 2 by destorying the sheild and then this women,
gives a speach and then...that's it...that's all you get i know her purpose
was to do a speech but...that's it.

8:  Lela's slave outfit: OH GOD..this was a...just look at it, it's not attractive
its not really anything to make people horny...and what purpose dost it have,
but at least in the end Lela did Kill jabba...Serves that slug right.

7: The Red guards: i know their guards...but their pointless, hell Yoda
did defeat them in episode 3...yep pointless.

6: Luke and Lelah are Twins...Brothers and sister?: err yep....cast your mind back to
episode 3...when Padame died he was carry twins The good idea was to separate so
That the sith can find them and then in episode 5 they both kissed "Ewww" and in episode
6 when he was in that Slave outfit...Luke saw it in amazement.....Imaigne that for one bit
and puke into the toilet.

5: The jabba palace is too long?: This is what killed me the Jabba palace
all you see in the charecter from the 4th movie...However this scean killed me...Everytime i see it.…


(Sorry Reviewer need his medic)

This is where it killed me from begining to end, it made no sence
it had nothing to do with film and killed me completly making me
love Star Trek.

4: How one Earth did they get a new Death Star?: In episode 2 it was indicated that the
Death Star plans was created by the bugs of Genosis even know the Clones did
defeated them, and then in episode 3 we see the death star created seeing Vader and
siduis seeing their creation and then he was destroyed, but then skipping  episode 6
called Death Star 2, i think my theory was that the other empire...or something mustve
created Death Star 2....this is one problem i can see in, but in the end the rebels did destoryed it...and yeah in the prequals its about govement financeing...which ill get to in the preuqal countdown.

3: Why did the empire pass the old ship, even know the pass code is expired:

This is the reason why the empire is silly, when the rebels stolen a empire ship, and use it to pass Endor the empire finds the code old fashion, okay this is the reason why they should've brought them in, if the code is expired or out of date they should question them. Bottom line tight up security.

2: EWOKS!: apart from warwick davis he a great actor and i give him a free pass because of his first appearance, what i dont give a pass is the stick in the mud which the EWOKS!
say what you will with the gungans, at least they had Bumbas and sheilds awesome Gungan
Weponry you can imagine and defeated the droids.
but these Ewoks are...dumb, using sticks and Stones....that's it so dumb, The Empire
had storm Troopers with badass weponery, lets take a good example in James Cameron
Avatar the Na'vi use their flying creatures and then when the soilders died they use the gunsas well which is a good example.
and yeah even Chewbacca piloted the AT-AT because he had expeirance with Han Solo. but these Ewoks are like the eqilivant of Cavemen and i can sum up the ewoks with this clip.…

you said it Chirstopher said it.

and the number one problem with return of the jedi is.

1: Its not as good as the last two:

Now A new Hope and The Empire Strikes back are the best movies in my
Openion because they a stronger connection and continues the story, Episode 6
may have a contiuation but it seams like the funny momments are put in first by mistake
and the serious part last, The Script to the movie should've been tweeked making it Epic
then the first two....But...i guess i lose at the end

Anyway, the charecters are still memorable and the ending is still strong and great ending
to the series...However with a decent story, alot of plot holes i felt that its the weekest episode of the series, i dont get it why people love it, but still everyone has opinion's.

Next time your getting your revenge its The Top 10 Why the star wars prequals
Dont bother me, comment your nitpics and the best ones will be up their and ill explane
Why they dont bother me.
Bye...and may the force be with you
Top 10 Problems with Return of the jedi
The force isn't strong with this movie

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