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Hello and Welcome to the Reviewer's gude where blood and gore burn.
in the 1970s Blockbusters where starting to get popular like Jaws, star wars, and Halloween,
But then in 1978 Director Ridley Scott changed it all with Alien.
The story is basicly about a group of Sciantist where heading back home for their journey,
but then encounter a plannet to investagate a Crashed Alien Space ship, but then one of them got attack by a chestbuster and then a Little Alien scutters away, and then Age Rapidly

killing the crew one by one, until their was one left which is Ripley.

Not only this film made a big impact in the 70s but it also made a star out of Ridley Scott and Sirgorny Weaver, but with that 7 years later My favorite Director James Cameron with
ALIENS and Fuck yeah this film was awesome, Adding in the Marines but also more aliens,
Alien and Aliens where huge hits at the box office, but Aliens was the one that made it into the Pop culture, With Video games, Toys and people would spoof it when people will automaticly love it.
So then you think it's all over and think that they will go back home and...


Hicks: Game over man, GAME OVER!

yes who would've thought that Director David Fincher who would be a Director of his own right, had trouble with the Script and production designs because of the other team didnt want something in their, but this film is not only the one that cause the decline of the film,
but it's also one of the most Depressed and disapointed sequals of all time
Rotton Tomatoes give it 43% and yes i am aware their was a Assmebly Cut that made it better, but if you want a good Alien 3 movie play the Amiga game which i remember playing
its 10 times better.
So lets see why in films no one cant hear you SUCKS!...this is Alien3.

So recap on the last movie, Ripley, Hicks, Newt, and what is left of my favorite charecter Bishop they all Sleep in the sleeping chambers hoping they get back to earth.

But nope an Alien Egg opens to reveal a face hugger cracking the glass on our favorite charecters, this eventally actavates the alarm sending them into a Pod and Crash landed into a Plannet.
"Which begs the question...what happend to the Mothership...did it left behind, Proberly Red Dwarf will find it soon"
we get a log about what has happend where a group of men opens the pod
and NOT NEWT....NOT HICKS......And...Bishop...AND
NO....I CANT BELEVE IT....AND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII HOLY SHIT WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU I CANT YOU DID THIS TO ME I CANT BELEVE IT!....WHY....They where Awesome from the last movie...Why!...WHY!....I mean Game over man, Game over.

So of course they found out that.....Ripley ( play again by Sigourney Weaver)
is the only one who has surrvived, we cut a group of Boldies ("Which i call them because
I dont know these charecters" except one of them is played by Charles Dance and Paul Mcgann) the lead Boldie tell them the news that we already know.
Ripley Wakes up by Charles Dance and wanted to know what happend to the Crew including Newt, the recover the Pod and....I have to admit the scean where Ripley Crying about Newt really well done, its because we routed for these charecters and even then Its really Depressing and worst, This is a prison plannet because She's the only female...
they...oh i cant watch this part...Aparantly they Autospy news explaned she died from Drowning "yeah because the Face hugger cracked the glass early on, also The Suspense is ruined because you know what's gonna happend, in the last two movies The Xenomophs where Sneeaky and attack at any purpose hear we know because he inpants a dog inside"
so they decided to cut her hair off and become a Female Gail Porter

And then they decided to...well a Funneal to these 2 charecters from aliens
and place them into the Lava..."Farwell you iconic charecters....lets your legacy been known in this film forever and really depressed now."
and so the Dog fells the Alien inside grew.....XENOMORPHS DONT WORK THAT WAY!
so Ripley is now in this prison plannet and also hear the biggest problem with the movie,
it goes back to one Alien, the last film used alot of Aliens in which you know the threat...So this is a copy version of alien...but bad.
and all of this is Boring Dialaog in which you dont care anymore,
Also their is Religion Aspects of this movie if you think Narnia dose that all the time,
this one clubbers your head.
Ripley then heads back to the ship to reactavates Bishop...but then a group
of Rapists but then the black guy saved her "dont mess with Rev black guy he's awesome"
so after that Ripley Actavates bishop telling to acess the computer
finding out a fire accoured and decuted an Alien was on Board Yeaahh…

"so how come the Queen Alien in the last film Impanted the egg their, Her Sack Was
Dislouged after Ripley burned it was she like"

Quen Alien: Okay then you go in hear while i kill the others...Toodles.

So after that Bishop kicks the can, Also we see the workers gets killed one by one by the alien, "yep suspense in this movie is gone all together"
we see ripley with Charles dance at the hospital finding out what is going on,

"also the partnership between her and Dance is really well done as well because you can see becoming good freinds"
But then the Alien Attacks him, and then finds Ripley...and of course comes one of the
iconic scean where the Xenomopr comes to Ripley "its short but memorable as well"
Ripley heads to the others telling about the news "Oh and this is where Hailtothechimp gets this from This is Rumor control hear are the finding orgins like Cinema snob theme tune wasnt easy"
Ripley Warns them about the alien and as you guess the alien attacks,
Also another thing....this place as no wepons...."Play the amiga games it makes much sence"
so they begin a plan to kill the alien so they of course run around using Evil
Dead POV shots and...Also.
"something weird about the Alien...its CGI??? WHY! it ruins it now"
so they of course devided this plan and takes to a steel container,
with them and the alien traped, The Black guy tells ripley to climb up thus Sacraficing his life.
"Good speed Black where awesome"
The other guy then Poor the lead so that the Alien can be turn into steel "i guess the black guy must've been in a stone"
but the Alien is still alive "jesus how strong is this alien 90% Tugsten"
but Ripley saw the Water pulling one of them causing the alien to explode and die.
But its not yet over because the Wayneins company heard the signal and Arrived
at the prison plannet "How long did they get hear then...did it take months or weeks for it"

also we know what their up too, in one of the comics they wanted the aliens to make into a army "which makes sence"
so then comes The Human Version of Bishop telling that Ripley is pregnant with the alien that it happend in the middle of the movie, and said he will remove the alien out of her
And she will be back to her normal self, but then...we get i think the best Scean to kill of ripley.
 Ripley climb on the steel bridge with his man pulling to the one of the lava, and then...
She jumps and then she saw the Alien pops up and holding her as an infant and then Dies into the lava....
"I have to admit...i think they had the balls to the kill the main charecter"
that is Until Alien Ressurection save the film being disasterious.
and so the film Ends with the last prisnor taking back to Waynins and the
Pod revealing the Last entry.........
So that was Alien 3....WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEND!

Its so Depressing watching a film like this slowley declinced...with to be honest,
Alot of good people working with it, the script is ropey, the production is okay, and the changes they made really went from Awesome to Worst.

Which is sad because in that year James cameron created Terminator 2 to end
the franchise and tied the knot so tightly, that is until Temrinator 3.

oh you wanted to know my thoughts on Alien Ressurection, to be fair this was way better
and the idea of Cloning was something intresting, it may have faults but it was an enjoyable movie.
All i can say is stay with Alien, Alien, Alien Ressurection and Prometheus
and Also the Alien 3 Video game on Amiga.

Alien 3
The True film that killed the franchse

Hello and Welcome to The Reviewer's guide where Horror and scares burn.

The vampire Johnrer, Ever since Bram Stoker's Novel Dracula came out,
And Bela Lagosi movie Dracula made one of the most Infulential movie, Vampire
movie still going on.
Since Dracula Untold will released early, Vampires are still going throught Tv shows,
Movies, Graphic Novels, Video games, Toys, Costumes ETC. about 98% of this is still going
Strong, Except for Twilight, and also this Film.
Never heard of it, Well When Stephanie Myer target Girls with Virgina's
This peace of shit try to aim at Knobs, this peace of shit pass like a porn movie.
And of course it dose have Big star eveyone's funny man James Cordon.
So lets dig into Lesbian Vampire killer and slay this movie.

So The movie begins where The Narrator explains about the red moon
that the Villiage is been attacked by female vampires because of the Hateried
of men but the love of...Women Named Carmilla....never mind, except one Knight in shinning armour who came back from the Crusade saw that Cammella has taking one of his Wife, so he uses the Book of Vampyr and Forges a new sword to take her down. so in a battle the night was going to win, but Carmilla slash her chest and place a curse on him and then "as the narrator says...Cut his fucking head off" and so like the curse on his birthday they turn into Lesbian vampires...."WAIT WHAT....Their lesbian vampires....Their no such thing as one..." but the good news is that the Prophacy says that the decendent
of the last  blood line will release the curse.
"Okay i have to give credit that this was a epic opening...apart from the vampire lesbo thing"

So we cut years later we meet Jimmy (Matthew Horn) where his Girlfreind being dumped
with no reason she said she having time out from him  "Running Gag",
and of course Fletch (James Cordon) were he is fired from Children's Entertainment
"Same Thing with Kirsty O Brain" so they both meet at the pub and decided what to do
however Fletch saying its stupid, but Jimmy decided to take the countryside.
So they decided to take the Countryside until they get into a fight, Right until
we meet some Female Sexy women "who arnt attracted them Kirsten Stewart...also Dead Victams" so they head to villain to stop for a drink after Ex posistion from the bar tender,
and they head to a Cliche 34 in the Book of Cliches, A Haunted house.

So what do they do, They Party of course for about 12 miniutes which as nothing to
do with the plot of the movie.

However one of the Women outside in on partol "and she going to be the first victim"
and then The lights went out "ok who told Uwe bowl to that cliche"
And then another women who was in the shower checks out what is that noise
from the window AHHHH I hate jump scares.

So the heros and the smart female girls break the shower room and saw She is Gone
and also taken "Oh no not that women that i dont know anything about her"
they decided to go outside to find out what is going on and.
(Lesbian vampire orgasam, while Review in a WTF face)
"What the....." so then the Lesbo vampire attacks
Fletch but then the smart women kills it and spewing out white Blood....Proberly
a Homage of that Quintin Tarateno film From Dusk Till know when vampires
Blood was Green...Proberly Stick to the blade, Buffy and Van Helsing method of Turning them into ash.

so they decided to do the other thing....RUN AWAY!

And lock up the place and find objects to Arm themself's
but Turns out Jimmy's ex survived the attack and
decided now what to do and also this.
Fletch: Next time you'll be bumed up by a big gay werewolf.
Reviewer: NO SUCH THING!

we then head to a place where we meet the vicar played by PAUL MCGANN THE FRICKING 8TH DOCTOR YEAAAAH!…
"Paul Mcgaan in this movie...Ok this film gets 1 credit" so
his quest is to find the reclic and now he arms himself to go onto this quest,
Back with Loserville group it turns out that Jimmy ex is turn into a Lesbo vampire
So he kills him
and thus the lesbos attacks, by...making them go to sleep...ok that how vampires do that.

so he...use her Boobs to pull her to the shower and then turn it on, and the use the cross
with chants thus killing it...ok that's awesome.
and hear the big problem with the movies...the main charecters are unlikeable,
apart from paul mcgann who takes the serousness, so Mcgann tells him to find the sword that is under the tomb they head their and....The a a form of a penis....

"oh yeah forgot about that"
so they head in time so see the lesbo vampires are doing some orgasam Ceramony
"Proberly for fifty shades of gray"

but they arrived quickly but too late that Carmile has been ressurected
"and OMG...How can they not know lesbian vampires dont exist right im wrapping this up
Im sensing the credits are comming"
they fight agents Carmile and then her tounge doing the Gene Simmons Transplant X 3 but Jimmy gets the sword "Remember the prophacy" and throws the sword into her heart.
and so she gets killed the curse is broken and they all lived happly ever after...Apart from


(The Reviewer then gets out the ETM cartarage and then, the DVD flies, The Reivewer
Jumps and hits it flodding of the ETM and the DVD is Distoryed)
Final Verdict:

THIS MOVIE SUCKS...WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEND and yeah it had portential.

good cast, great prodcution design, but the film is abasouly disgusting
and the whole lesbian vampire thing is bullshit, proberly they must've run out of
ideas and put this one in for horny teenager.
So remember vampires fans make sure, a black guy named blade, a Hunter named Van Helising, a Women named Buffy who are 100% times better then this shit.

Lesbian Vampire kilers
Lesbian Vampires my ass
L.E.G Film Review.

Narrator: Their are group, created by orginazation or by themself's
they are hear to combat threats or even others alone from the greater good,
their is one group that combat it alone Critic's sociaty and one of them is a man
Who hates Parody's, gets the sorce material wrong or f up places. he is the Reviewer.

(Reviewers turns around)

Reviewer: Lets kick some ass.

(Title card appeared)

Hello and Welcome to the Reviewer's guide where DVD's and Films burn,
Let's talk about Alan Moore.

Alan Morre is the Stan lee of British comics, he a man who Satric person
who hates eaither those who do adapataions or see things his own way, he has
Made Comic books that turned into movies or TV Shows, Watchmen, V for Vendetta,
Constantine, and of course Watchmen which is my favorite movie. but Today i'm going to Review a movie that people hated even Morre himself hated.
The Leauge of Extranodary Gentlemen…

Considered by Sean Conery last Film he ever made, This film had bad Effects,
Add on Characters and not faithful to the comic books source material. but for me i dont think its that bad of a comic book movie but before this lets talk about that comic book that this film based on.

The Comic book Follows the adventures of famous Litrary charecters into one steampunk
Supergroup team, just like Avengers Assembed and JLA which combines famous Comic book
Charecters into one team, The leauge combines them all.

Alan Quatermain: Hunter, Adventurera and explorer.

Nina Harker: Leader, and vampire survivalist.

Captain Nemo: Pirate and inventor.

The Invisable man: A man who turn invisible.

And finally Dr Jeckle and his Monster The honrable Mr Hyde.

They are L.E.G. Rule Britannia

so 20th century Fox after the success of the X-men films wanted to try their luck of
Adapting this comic The movie was Directed by Steven Notthingham who did one good movie which was blade, so if that works will be hit a two punch combo.....well lets dig into L.E.G to find out.

and yeah before i begin what's with the L.X.G, first of all im a good speller and i know
Extraordanry dont being with the letter X its E. proberly i'll be funny
Alan Morre: FUCKERS!
Reviewer: You said it.


The movie begins in 1899 where the Text Scroll inform us that  
Its having peace but also new wepons are comming to be deployed. until a
policemen patroling the town until a Tank bashed in.
Polcemen: what in god's name is that.

Reviewer: Its a tank...oh come one The Tank was invented in 1914 which well...

the Edwardian Era not the victorian era.

The Police trys to stop the Tank..."Err Run", one of them try to

stop but gets crushed "and no a Austan powers clip"…

"Boy its make me fell like that", the Tank then crashed into the Bank of England
where...Guard's..."Why do they have guards in reason what's so ever"
The Tank then bashed into the Vaults and enters...Nazi's??? Why are their nazi's in a L.E.G Film....did Steven Nottingham didnt know Nazi's existed till World War 2, hell he could've

put Napolians army in a tank and would still be insulting.

And of course enters The Villian of the movie The Phantom.…

No, not that phantom but he's awesome SLAM EVIL!

he comes in steel to steel the Da Vinci plans of Venice "So Bank of England is not only a bank...but also a museam...MAKE YOUR MIND UP", The Phantom then head
to Berlin to have his forces to kidnap the Sciantists.
Sciantist: What do you want.

The Phantom: The World, i want the world.

The Reviewer: and Also my close up shot to know that i am evil.

The Phantom then uses a Bazoka to distory the Hellum Blimp...wait why is that have a String...its it a Rocket
Grappling hook or something, The Newspapers then gets the attention that Britian Is
Blamed for the Attacks but denies it "Wait...why are Britain Blameing Germany for this....its the Phantom maybe their to think to know that."

We cut to Kenya in affrica where a British man in with a Bowler hat goes to a Hotel
full of Old british people, and comes across Alan Quatermain (Sean Connery)

The Comic dose it way better, In that Alan Quatermain was in a refuge place
when Nina found him, also Quatermain was more on show because of his Old age
be more reliable to the team.
but comes people in trenchcoats "Mustve been fans of the David Tennant Doctor who
club" they come in a shot the wrong person.
Quatermain: Wrong Quatermain.

Reviewer (in a sean conory accent): I can't beleve you shot the wrong James bond.
We get an Action Sequance where Quatermain is a badass, Including
one where he Inpale a man in to the horn with the UK flag.

Quatermain: Rule Britannia.

One of them escapes and run away, not knowing that their is a Suitcase bomb
left behind "serlously the barman was their shouldnt he throw it out"
Quateramin gets his riffle and of course he's a sharpshooter and takes him out with one Bullet.

Quatermain: stop him

Reviewer: yeah affrican people hold his arms stoping him doing something.

but too later he takes out Poison and killed himself "Captain America The First avenger
Dose it better"

and of course the bomb went off "serlously The barman shouldve hired more affirican people"

Quatermain decided to go with him and sees the Cross of another person named Quatermain makeing us fell like his son left "Which never happend in the movie"
They arrived at London.

Quatermain: Not as good as Phenius Fogg, Around the world in 80 days.

Not if your Steve Cogan.

Quatermain enter the main building of the council building and meet
M (A Little nod because of Sean Conory was in James Bond....if only Percy Jackson would
Done that with Peice Brosman), M informs Quatermain about the situation that The Phantom will blow up Venice, we meet of couse the Others Captain Nemo (Naseerudian Shah), The Invisable man or Skinner (Tony Curran "Who played Preist in Blade 2, and vincnet van Goth in Doctor who's vincent and the doctor") and finally Nina Harker (Peta Wilson)
So M tells them to Recruit the final 2, they head outside.

Quatermain: What is gods name is that

Nemo: I call it a Automobile...its the future.

The Reivewer: THE FUTURE!!!....also how in gods name Nemo invented that?

The Automobile wasnt invented till 18th century, well Sherlock Holmes the Game of Shadows worked it well.

They Travel (also their a poster about mr Alan happend in the comic),
where they meet Dorian Gray (Stewart Townsend) telling them they have no part joining the leauge, but then Dorian Remembers Nina long time ago, he invites them in And we get a lot of Backstory "the comic dose it better because their sequals to other books and it shows about their origins"

hear both Mina and Quatermain know him...Boring writing that is, Soon after Quatermain
Spider Sences comes that a army with Armour comes in, and course The Phantom  
Comes in telling him he can join his side a rule the world....Quatermain takes it well as it shoud.
But then...comes another person and then another Action Sequance, Dorian Gray
Joins in as well that he is Immortal, The Phantom escapes, and Mina gets caught by
a Guard and then....

(Nina turns into vampire and sucks the blood out of the guard,
The Reviewer jaw dropped)

Nemo: Extranodary!

Reviewer: No...i call that lame, that dosnt make the charecter better,
The Comic dose it way, way, better also another thing. In the Comics Nina Harker
is the Leader Not Alan Quatermain, in the comics she was the leader to keep the team
in check and her Detective skills are up to par with Sherlock Holmes. Quatermain is more
like the old mentor of the group making things intresting, also it was the turn of the
19th Cenurary where Female are becoming leaders. Marget Thatcher, Angle Merkil,
The Suffragettes ETC.

also making her as a Vampire is bullshit, she never was attacked by Dracula
it was never mentioned in the comic....back to the movie.

we see a new person named Tom Sawyer (Shane West)...Why a
American...oh now i get it, lets not use the fun loving one from the book no,
lets make him into a Charecter that Americans can relate to also hes from the...secret service? it, so the others head to the jetti
(and this is my favorite part of the film...nautalous Riseing...."my god that is one bad ass ship, and its impressive how its still hold up....but with one tiny problem....isnt the Ship
Apost to be a Squid but still that is awesome")

they head to paris to capture The Honerable Mr Hyde, Quatermain
tells sawyer not to shot him but to shot the object to make him
go the other way, they captured him in the net and bring him to the nautalous,
into the decks where Mr Hyde is using his fits to take out the crew.
The others seeing what's going on, Quatermain tells Mr Hyde that  
He will be giving him Anasty and drop all the charges so he says "ok" and Agress.
so he changed back into Dr Jeckle (Jason Flyming) "To the movie little Credit he is the only actor who doing a great job, and kudos to the Mr Hyde make up effects it looks awesome"
also the comic dose it way better in which
They need Mr Hyde to distory the Martians from War of the worlds,
how you may ask, Mina Would have Mr Hyde do gental Pursasions one
Of them being Mr Hyde touching Mina Breasts, which he will do for the greater good.

also he's a good example, take Avengers Assembed in which Bruce Banner is recurited by
Natasha aka Black Widow in which agress, later on in the film where they arrested loki,
He begins using mind Melt make agravation to the team, then Hawkeye attacks. and then He becomes The Indcredable Hulk and turns evil, and then at the final moment he becomes a good guy and gets orders to Caprtain America.  "See not that hard to develop or have a reason"
so through the entire film is on the naughless where we get:

1: Exposision
2: No charecter ark to alan Quatermain.
3: and also Conspeiacy thinks who is taking pictures of the ship.

we also See Dr Jeckle having trouble with Mr Hyde and Mirrors...
Err never happend in the comic or in the media as well. of course he is scared to letting him out.
so back in his room he decided to take the potion...but find out one of the Hyde potions
is missing and head to the dock also another thing.... WHY IS NINA OUTSIDE WITH THE OTHERS IN SUNLIGHT....she apost to be disinagrated this is not Stephane Myer law, This is
alan moore Law...did Nottingham forget she not a vampire.
later on Captain Nemo and Quatermain talk about the phantom's plan
to take down vencie, the of course head to Venice and deploy the troops.
The Reviewer: Ok people begin deploying the troops.
but its too late that the Underwater Bombs explote "dont tell me", and begins
The distrucation of Venice, Quatermain has the Idea saying to stop the chain reaction
is to take out one key building using Nemo Cordiated it will work.

Sawyer then...drives the on earth can he drive it....Drivers ed wasnt invented
Sure go with it.
Quatermain, Nina, Dorian and Sawyer drives leaving Dr Jeckle and Nemo behind, Quatermain then said to use the flair as the target and now another action sequance,
Dorin then jumps out of the car to fight the army, and then...nina...use...her....OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

(Technical Problems)

sorry about mad they Nina is the LEADER not a side charecter, so after that
Quatermain sees The Phantom and decided to chase him, meanwhile the Naughtalous
is still getting a pounding "I thought it was indistrucable" (Also their are people around venice...who knew), The Phantom hids in a Graveyard, but then Sawyer fires the flare
singaling Captain nemo to fire the Torpeado, The Car then hits another building and sawyer
needs time to get out but then he died....oh well.
Quatermain head to the Cemetery.


Venice Still stands.

well half of Venice is destroyed duh.

The Phantom attacks Quatermain in another action sequnace,
he takes of the mask finding out that its....M?

M escapes still having the Dagger lodged in his back "Although it would kill him"
Quatermain heads back to others that Phantom is M, and WHAT THE FUCK....SAWYER'S ALIVE!....but we have him kill an explosion, it took about 10 seconds to get out it never explanes...the first mate of Nemo comes out Explans that it wasnt Sknner but was Dorian Gray who did it and he dies.

Dorian then escapes in a pod, and nemo inteded to Persuit after it.
using a map which i have to admit looks good, a private comes in with a Sound, that
Sounded like Star Trek TNG, The recoreder plays explaned That M was done this all the time.
He further explaned that their was no Leauge and use Dorian Gray to gain their trust (Also it  Has a Second frequancy that only mr Hyde can hear), Dorin in edition saying he got
Nemo Sciance in which Nina found out it was Magnesum, Skinner skin sample, Jecklle potions and Nina's Blood. to create a super army.

and in futurer edition Dorion plants Bombs around the ship "Then why is their no secutiy checking" the Bombs explodes doing their Star Trek Impression, and they need to surfice
but taking in too much, Mr Hyde Convice Jeckle to work together, he heads to the engine room and changed into Mr Hyde pulling down the leavers empying the water. They repair but then in a clever move, Skinner snuck onboard the pod and send the coordinates.
in a Indina Jones Style head to Russia or...the north pole where they head on foot,
They find the factory and decided to camp in the cave.

Quatermain head outside to guard and saw a white...Tiger
This is the reason their no exposision on the charecter of Quatermain and the lost of his Son...I guess why to think about, but then a old freinds arrives which is Skinner explaning and Report
about what is going on.
He Explaned that he use Lave to make Metal to create the iron man machines,
but the worst was yet to come, he then explaned that M use the scantist
to create the formula's and other for his vast empire, Invisable Spies, Hyde Armies,
Vampireic assasins, and the Noughalie ships. where M will use them for the distruction of the empire.

"and yes This is where Sherlock Holmes the Game of Shadows did it better, the diffrence is
L.E.G floped, but Game of shadows was successful"

in the lair M tells Dorian that his service is no longer needed and the picture is now his,Also this was in the backstory with nina, Meanwhile the leauge Splits up, Skinner use the bombs
do detonate, Nemo and Jeckle will free the hostages and Quaterman and Sawyer will deal with M themselfs also Nina will deal with Dorian.

Quatermain and Sawyer sees M, but then Damian (who we never saw until then),
Gives him the box of tricks, a soilder then comes in saying that captain nemo has rescured the hostages, so Damian and his forces attacks.

Damian: HA HA HA HA HA

The Reviewer: Let me scream with my forces HA HA HA

Hyde then uses the Door that Recociet back, telling Nemo
to free the hostage, and NEMO KICKS ASS MOTHERFUCKERS!

M beings to being the phantom but Quatermain caught him,
But a Soilder sneeks but sawyer stops him also "Moriary....That was in the comic but that was a diffrent version"
Mina goes to Confront Dorian Gray, they exchange banta and
Goes for a fight sequance, as you can see their both immortal.

Nina: The painting

The Reviewer: Let me speak to foil your plan Dorian.

Dorian strikes and kills Nina, meanwhille Sawyer encounters a Invsable
Person thinking its skinner but its not, they fight he then bashed him into a dust room,
but then a reject out of Wolfenstine with a Flamethrow beings the Torching, Sawyer
is corned in a book shelf.
but skinner use a knife and then  ROLOL....Skinner running away like a girl...
That is so funny, Sawyer then whacks the container Killing him.
Hyde then sees Dantie using the Hyde formual and drinks the whole thing.
Dorin then takes out the sword and didnt realise that Nina is still
Imortal, she gets up and impale him using the sword and pin againts the wall.
Nina then use the painting that he sees and he turns into corpse and dies.

"Couldve been worst....couldve shown this pic"…

"Uhhhhh i hate Omiverse gwen" also early in the movie isnt the
portated that too big from the staircase.

meanwhile Sawyer finds skinner Alive but cripsy, but the invisable
person captures him, Quatermain finds M and another action sequance.
back with Mr Hyde who his having trouble with a....over steroid version of Paul
Haymen "Hope he has the power to kill vicky gurrero and eddie's grave" also how I
Love the CGI Hyde faces the practical effect hyde...its awesome to see that in.
Nemo Comes to help but he gets his Ass Whooped, Hyde said he in a Accelerated Rate
meaning he will soon change back, of course He changed back to Dr Jecklle, and their Corned by the monster to use a Iceical
Quatermain gets the hand taking down M and then use a Axe to kill at the correct
time Skinners Bombs exploded, Distroying the factory but also distroying the monster,

M then tell him using the mask, sawyer is capture, Quatermain fires the invisable man but
M Stab him in the back, M then Flys down like he's batman and flys off to the sub, Sawyer uses the Riffle in that early scean where Quatermain trained him.

Sawyer took his time and shoot him in the back killing M and the Box
of Tricks submurged into the ice waters "Then....will be other shipment of that too"
Also Stabbing Quatermain in the back dosnt really kill him, as a doctor he wouldve been wounded from the attack.

Quatermain: may a new century be yours son, as the old one was mind.

The Reviewer (Sean Conery acctent): Although this movie is ending dont really care cause My retirement is comming now thank bloody god.

So Quatermain dies, and so our movie ends where Quateramin
is burried in Kenya and the other say their final Goodbye's and then we get this.
Where a Whitchdoctor doing this weird Ceramony....?????

Proberly a sequal planed of L.E.G where Quatermain is a Zombie.

So that was L.E.G how dose it Hold up.


well i dont think its that bad a comic book movie, but what i will agree is that they
Took the name and the concept and make bullshit changes like Nina as a vampire, Skinner as Jerk and make Quatermain backstory not exisant, The two aceptions are  Jason Flyming and Naseerudian Shah who did great and decent jobs. and for Sean Conory you can tells by his expresion that he wasnt happy about this moive and Retired because of this.
Even though that films are getting Rebooted i would like to see a Reboot of this with a new cast
and have Jason Fyming and Naseerudian Shah in their respected roles.

if this was Sean Conory last role he didnt end his film with a bang but a bomb.
ill leave with these words, He was giving the part to play Gandalf in the LOTR films,
But he turned it because he think it would disgrimanated him enough said.

The L.E.G movie
The league falls with this movie based by Alan moore

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