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So yeah Edward Explane's to Bella what diffrent abilitys these Vampires have, and even Edward Trys to fight a Fake Squirral.
So back at home Bella is trying to find out what has happend, but Edward Comes in "Dont ask me" and wanted to Role play...Even with the Obama
mask, and they being....Holy shit they are doing it "That is what's missing from the Twlight films, That even Stephanie Myer did put in those book...Thank you Vampire Sucks, You have restore our Diginity"
and Edward knock him down with the lamp....and then Holly Shit is that Awesome Bella is getting Dirty and Then Edward Thows her up in the air "Now their's something you don't see everyday"
She comes falling down, and Edward tells Bella that they need to takes this Slowley "Like the Twilight Franchise" and even Showing Stephanie Meyer on Twitter.

"Please Find her on Twitter and Threat her that vampires are not Boys with fanservice but Bloodsucking killers"

and then the roof fallen down on her "No really funny"
But things take turn for the worst that Fergie, WyCleff Jean and Triple H
and Running away from the police and Axl Rose,  They lost them,
But Axl Rose found the tracks, Axl Said their missing the big Picutre..and shows the big Picture "awwww, that was Verry funny another Funny Joke....I think film is starting to make this Brilliant"
So into the next scean seeing Bella and Edward into their new home, Eventually he has a Family??? "Dose that happend in the Twilight movie...please Leave a comment and let me know"
and each of the family has ability one of them can see into the future giving her Tampons...."Ok then Can you predict when The world Will end....I dont think so"
and of course they have a Person named Jeramiah who see them has Burgar faces.


(Burger king man Appeirs )


So the future vampire wanted bella to open the presents but bella Cut's Her
Finger and uh oh, "my that's one big Papercut...Would that happen in real life?"
so all the vampire family wanted her blood but Edward....Shoved Bella out and Shoved Jeremiah into the piano,
"Err Edward i think you just shoved Bella out of the way with no purpose, I mean that happend in Twilight..."
But the other Vampires are Seeing Red even 2 of them having a drink of it "I can imagine WWE Gangral doing that"
But the 3 Women want's her and...Oh ill Get oh thankaway take a....Yeah Thanks girls.....Anyway Edward Carry's
Bella Away from the vampires for safety...and i can tell how that works, Edward....Is Riding on a Sagway.

(Clip seeing Him on a segway)

Reviewer: OH MY GOD....I GOT IT RIGHT I MADE IT CAME TRUE, I CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE.....i have to admit i just
made it come ture.

Anyway back to the move, Edward is not verry happy with bella because of what happend, he tell her
Because its not safe and what will happend if Edward Bites Bella, and seeing of his life that he is George Clonney..."You know...Edward's got a point about that"
so he gets on his segway and heds back "HAY HO THE LONE EDWARD!" Bella Couldnt stand a wanted to follow her but..."i have to admit
seeing her Crying i felt like im reaching out for her" But unforntallly Wycleff Jean, Fergie, and Triple H finds Bella and oh uh, She Grabs her
Pepper spray and hit "Buffy the Vampire slayer...only their as a cameo ok and bit insulting but that's ok"

and serlously like i said What dose Buffy do with TWILIGHT!

But Triple H and the other bit her But Edward comes to the Rescure, Triple H Attack but
Edward use a Baseball and Whack Him Out

Oh my god, i never seen baseball like this but that is one Total Cock dick in my Announcing Carrer.

So Wycleff and Fergie decided to Cowardly Retreat but Edward seeing Bella
Twitching because of the bite marks decided to suck the venom out of her and simply head to the segway "HAY HO THE LONE EDWARD"

So bella...Narratoing to herself, Thinking about what has happend and wanted to know why Edward leaved him, as
Time passed seams like everyone is in the Twilight Craze "Like the movies That they musve dressed up as Edward and it dose this 3 Times"
So at the next day Bella is Angry and his farther Comes in seeing the Angest Level "Err did that happend in the movies...Also we got saying 16 and pregnant, ICarley and One Tree Hill...Yeah
Icarly will never rant will One Tree Hill Just be Board then ever" and also I am the only thinking that the Farther is a Pervet instead of a policmen "Serlouly that would never hapend to any family"…


They just put Breaking Dawn in the Cinema...…

What i i i i i i i i...How can you just Show that one, That's impossible like in spaceballs with the instant Cassets.
I think the rest of the Charecters should watch this before doing this film. also to add insult to injury
They Rip off one of the Simpsons Momments…


Anyway Deborah and Bella walking back from the...Film they saw. and Bella comes across a red dress,
Daphine Realised that Edward dumped Bella so She decided to wear it, but the bella stabed in Pysco....Oh
Its was a Dream??? even the knife is fake... that was of course


Bella saw a group of bikers who are standing in front of her car,  so as Deborah drives her car (Goodbye annoying character)
She heads to the car "Dont worry Bella in case any of those bikers attack we send the Sons of Anarchy to help you"...but
with no reason Edward in Hologram Projection tells bella not to go near them..oh and where cut to the next scean,
So we see Jacob helping bella to drive a motocycle and Jabob is turning into a wolf..."Shoulve that happend when he can transform at will like the original Jacob dose?"
Jacob try to tell Bella to be on a date but everytime he said that Bella just Rev up the motorcycle? so he comes clean and said he what to be on a date,
But Bella Cuts the breaks and go on a Journey, but Edward in Holographic forrm warns her not to...Even Running??? "Could you do that has a Hologram....i mean Obi wan can? Screw it."
so Bella Drinks milk lost control and Land on the ground, Jacob see's Bella had a cut and takes his shirt off seeing he's hairry "Yes Like a Wolf"
and also 7 nipples..."ill let it pass...Even know they got the facts of the wildlife" Jaboc find aid but...Uh Oh Wycleff Jean
Finds Bella but she gives the slip and hid in the forrest..but it turns out he can find her pritty easy. but where's Fergie well she was Casted...."err Typedcast or proberly Replaced by Catharine tate that wouldve worked"

But Bella runs again, and Jaboc changed into...a Chuwawa..."Oblously the Directors know they run out of money because of those 2 pointless cameo's from Buffy and Alice, that must be it"
but Jacob send the OH MY! the calary is hear all of them wearwolves and....Its Raining men by Geri Haliwell.....…

So yeah in another pointless scean for no other reason the gang Attacks Wycleff Pulling out one at a time.…

So jaboc changed and "Wait a tic, his hair changed...that's a cotinunety error by far"
and Bella want him to sign a magazine..."OH How can you make this joke work"
oh also Jabob is playing by Chris Riggi "Gossip Girls Chris Riggi...Proberly Bella Mustve watched that Show a long time"
so we see some is watch a film Sex and the City movie...oh wow "You know Hallowen 3 where they the kids watched the orignal Halloween as a joke or a tribute...This is like
Watching Sex and The City movie as a Tribute" also i have to give the Directors Credit of him having a large Berry and Jerry's Ice Cream "Imagine it would solve world hunger"
So the Future womem goes to Jeremiah and tell him something is not right ..but he decided to be with some that is Lady Gaga....…

"ok what is going on with these cameo...huh they just appeired in one thing the next is another THEY HAVE TO HAVE A PURPOSE...Eaither Put them in and Deloped DONT YOU KNOW THAT"

Anyway The Future Vampire had the vision that bella is dead (Dead??? He Rewinds and saw the scean) "err Bella was alive when Jabob Rescured her i think your Visions are not inpared with lion-o"
so back at Bella's house Jaboc gives Bella Herbal tea and Takes his Shirt off, and hear comes one of the worst Jokes ever
that is said so in his Contract…

"Sorry was that a bad joke....I think it was carrying on"
Jaboc Conforts Bella because She is sad because of dumping edward in the process, the phone Rings
and its Jeramiah wanted to know where Bella is, Jacob lies and Jeramiah Crushed the phone...Wow that ammount of strength,
but Future Vampires sees another Vision that Jacob was liying and Bella is still alive, so the next Moring we see the Limo
Driving the Prom, and Roy Chubby Brown makes a Cameo Kudoes to that then,
but the vampire Woman decided to help Bella, but Jaboc land on the front of the car
warns Bella not go instead of being with him, and then CAAAAAAAAAAAT! And we never find who will bella will be with,
So the Future Vampire Tells bella that Edward is going to be killed but the Zuloth...The Zull, who cares.
Bella found out that Edward is going to expose himself and to be killed by the Zull at the prom??? "Wait a minutie early on it was at the Saint Salvador Ceramony in italy.....why change it oh...never mind???"
so yeah all of them are Partying like its 2009, and i have to give them credit they got the costumes right like their Doing a Torcher Ceramony of Carrie....So they announced who is going to be Prom king and Queen
Even we see those 2 Cheating "Could Double D ed edd n Eddy couldve swaped them incase their is cheating." So it turns out that Bella and the Future Vampire are the only ones who can stop them
So Bella "And no Reason that the Future Vampire Lady can't go with her with no Reason."

and it simply recaps early in the movie with the same gag the same Product placement and the same sceans, Will Bella
Show Edward that she is alive will the vampire villian....the answers it Vampire Henchmen hit into a Cardboard like in the cartoons,
and bella land into those two Losers "THANK YOU BELLA YOU KILLED DEBORAH HALAJULIA!" so its night they made another funny,
saying Twlight...New moon...and finally Seing why he's called New moon is because of his Crack "Well at least they couldve put Breaking Wild...Thank you"
so Bella Heads to Edward seeing he is safe  He promised not be out of his sight again and the Zull's gotten Edward. "and oddly enough The Asain Zull leader is Copying Bella??? Proberly mustve been the Turning into a Vampire"
But The Asain Vampire Sends edward into the DJ Disks Making anyone to dance..."Wait a Minuite...ITS That asain vampire its...ITS shang tsung  FROM MORTAL KOMBAT"… 0:04


So Edward and Shang Tsung have a Standerd fight with the music changeing and Bella's Farther and Axl Rose comes in and Cant be bothered "Your dead to me...Your the worst farther ever soon Bella should be with another farther who care more about Bella"
So another song changed and...that Women teaching to separate arms apart...."Who is she??? err is she anything to do with the Scean do we know her " i dont know
So Edward and Shang Tsung are still in a fight and thank you for runing those two losers. So Edward seeing a year book a whacked him down.



But soon as you can say Zoinks, The Vampire Henchmen as Bella, Shang Tsung Tells Edward eaither to surrender or else bella will turn into one,
but in a Twist he will also pay for exposing himself, so they have edward but He try's to confess, but its interupeted by the princeipal and Unfotnally
got scraw and DQ them Themself's, but Edward is going to bite Bella's neck but stoped by having Shang Tsung and the henchwoman as Prom King and Queen..."And it dosnt make any sence....I mean by
Contest Rules it shouldve been Null and Voided Their vampires and all the students shouldve been Terrorfied and...Runing away by the blood sucking creatures but...Oh yeah its Twlight who cares"
So Bella dose like in the oringal movies By Telling Edward to bite her neck and becoming one, but Edward only has one confession by Marrying him..."Like it will in Breaking Dawn part 1"
So he dose the deed hit by team Jacob and the movie is over..........well proberly because the movie is so long, WHO CARE'S the movie is over.

Final Verdiect: THIS ok, I have to admit that people say that this film is the worst parody movie. I guess
I cant say its that bad, I mean the Actors Matt Lanter and Jeen Provski as Bella and Edward they really nailed their parts pritty well Serlously why
cant they be in Twlight movies Intread of Rob Patterson and Taylor Swift, also all the other actors do their good jobs, and i
Laughed at some of the good momments like Edward hitting Triple H and well chuckle momments,

But that's where its all stops from hear,
Some of the Scean dont make Scean, And even some jokes fallen Flat, but the worst
is these Celeb Cameo and they serve no purpose to the Film what so ever.

but keep this in mind The Twilight Franchise has a Downpoint because of the book and some fans will be offended
By this movie, If you arnt a fan of them movie i say check this out and proberly you get a chuckle or 2...Not the best but its avarage.

Another Vampire bits the dust in vampire sucks

"Serlouly that would never hapend to any family"



They just put Breaking Dawn in the Cinema...


What i i i i i i i i...How can you just Show that one, That's impossible like in spaceballs with the instant Cassets.
I think the rest of the Charecters should watch this before doing this film. also to add insult to injury
They Rip off one of the Simpsons Momments



but Jacob send the OH MY! the calary is hear all of them wearwolves and....Its Raining men by Geri Haliwell.....


So yeah in another pointless scean for no other reason the gang Attacks Wycleff Pulling out one at a time.


Lady Gaga....


Takes his Shirt off, and hear comes one of the worst Jokes ever
that is said so in his Contract


...ITS shang tsung FROM MORTAL KOMBAT"

[link] 0:04

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